Project Support

Schedule Preparation & Management

CPS provides scheduling services to owners, designers, construction managers, contractors, and even acts as a project scheduler, acting on behalf of all the project parties.

Budget Management

CPS provides cost management from project inception through close-out. Starting with conceptual estimates, through the production of periodic design phase estimates, CPS is constantly on the alert for scope creep and budget growth.

Constructability Review

CPS provides extensive detailed assessments of construction documents to identify potential and actual interface issues between design disciplines and also to validate schedule and budget, which is not a typical “constructability” deliverable.

Project Realignment

Acting as either an advocate or project neutral, CPS provides independent third party support to assist in development and facilitation of appropriate action plans for successful realignment.

Owner’s Representation

As our clients’ projects progress from concept through to completion, first and foremost, CPS represents owners’ interests, and their goals and objectives.