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Downtown Professionals Decide to Stay in OTR As Empty Nesters

LEED for Homes Public Awareness Credit for Dennig Residence, 1507 Republic Downtown Professionals Decide to Stay in OTR As Empty Nesters Chip and DeDe Dennig are going back to the neighborhood his ancestors immigrated to on Bremen Street, renamed Republic St. in 1918. After a complete renovation of 1507 Republic Street, formerly 125 Bremen Street, […]

CPS Video Blog – Building Enclosure Services

Proper execution and detailing of building components and materials is critical to the strength and resilience of the exterior envelope and specifically its ability to repel moisture.

CPS Blog – Defect Management Process

Building defects are growing concern in the industry. Ideally, potential defects are identified prior to construction or remedy in the field prior to occupancy and subsequent damage. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. What constitutes a construction defect and how do you prevent it? Construction defect is a global term that encompasses both design […]

Project Documentation

One of the most critical aspects of any project is communication.  It is imperative that all project participants are kept current with project progress.  This maintains the momentum of the project and holds participants accountable for responsibilities.  Documentation is the means by which communication amongst project participants is captured. Recorded documentation of progress, decisions, occurrences, […]

Growing inclusion of IT into Marketing plans

What pops into your head when you think of your IT department?  Do you think of them as just a group of coworkers who seem to have their own language of acronyms and inside jokes?  Or do you see them as a part of your growing business and marketing plans?  With the constant evolution of technology […]

Rocks and Risks: A Construction Cliché

At the risk of sounding like a cliché’, things aren’t always what they seem, especially on construction projects. While the final building may look like flawless perfection, you can bet there were more than a few rocks in the road

Effective Risk Management Planning – Step 2

How many times have you heard, “We didn’t document that project well eno…

Effective Risk Management Planning – Step 1

“Claims Avoidance” does not mean “document the #!$$%%##@&; out of the pr…

Marketing as a Technical Professional

As a professional who works on the technical side of things, the network…