What pops into your head when you think of your IT department?  Do you think of them as just a group of coworkers who seem to have their own language of acronyms and inside jokes?  Or do you see them as a part of your growing business and marketing plans?  With the constant evolution of technology to “get things done,” inclusion of the IT department into the business and marketing plans is becoming increasingly important.

The IT department can provide insight into the “latest and greatest” as well as the “tried and true” methods to get the job done.  We tend to troubleshoot and work on things in a very structured, logical method.  But how does this fit into something like marketing that needs to be able to adjust to different audiences and different trends?

The underlying method of communicating company goals, strengths, and capabilities still follows a logical flow.

  • What do we want to share?
  • Who do we want to share with?
  • How do we share this information?
  • When do we share this information?

It’s just that the logical flow happens faster, more often, and across more platforms now.  In the not too distant past, companies would fax press releases to the local media such as newspapers, television stations, and industry associations.  Now we can email the same information to all of those at a single click by placing each of their email addresses in the BCC field of the email.  We can also post to all of the different social media outlets with just a few more clicks using HootSuite.

  • Need to share something about a new service being offered?
    • Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to share with your friends and followers.
    • Use Google+ to share with people who have similar interests.
    • Update your company page on each of the networks to highlight this new service as well.
  • Need to share some rich content such as a training demonstration?
    • Use YouTube and embed that video in a Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ post
    • Create a short URL and a hashtag and share the YouTube link via Twitter
  • Need to announce a new hire?
    • Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to link to the new hire’s information your website and welcome them aboard.  This allows your followers, your company’s followers and the new hire’s followers to see all of this information and share it to their friends and family.

You’re probably asking, “But how does IT help me do that?”  Your IT department can help you do this by having them instruct your marketing department, as well as the entire firm, how to do each of these and how to roll them up into a short and simple process.  Sure, it’s easy to ask your IT department to actually do the posts for you or to share the content for you, but social media is much more effective coming from the actual participants.  So have your IT teach your marketing department how to use the tools and let your marketing department use the tools as they them.

This has the added benefit of having two completely different departments working together towards a common goal.

Tim Martin
IT Director
Construction Process Solutions, Ltd.




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