P6 User Group July 16th Meeting

Subjects: Lessons Learned – P6 – Resource Planning for the Beginner
Presenters: Charlie Jackson, PSP – Vice President of Primavera Services – Hill International

Recording of webinar:

A comprehensive schedule must take into consideration resource capacity planning. Many Contract Documents require the schedule to be cost and/or resource loaded. If the Contract Documents require the use of Primavera P6™, it is important for the Beginner Scheduler to know how to effectively load and plan resource hours/units and understand the myriad of options within the P6™ resource utility.

Primavera P6™ contains several features that assist in establishing a well-defined resource plan while efficiently managing resource allocations. However, a new or in-experienced user would be overwhelmed in the attempt to grasp these features defined at various levels of the project and overall enterprise organization without proper instruction.

The lessons discussed in this presentation will help the scheduler to develop effective resource plans that meet their organizational requirements and their project contractual obligations.

Resouce Structure and Detail Setup

Resources in Primavera P6™ are defined at the Enterprise or corporate level, meaning they are available across all projects. Resources can be analyzed across all projects in the database or for a single project. It is important to set up a Resource Structure to avoid corruption of other projects in the database and/or to avoid corruption of data transferred from one Primavera database to another and/or from another scheduling software system such as Microsoft Project™.

Allocation and Assignment

Prior to assigning resources the level of required detail for each activity and resource should be clearly defined and the schedule requirements for resource loading reviewed. Although resource settings define resource allocations for that resource’s assignments across the database, project settings can override resource settings to meet project specific requirements. Activity level settings (i.e. Activity Types and Duration Types) can also be used to define how a resource’s units/costs are applied at the assignment level.

Review and Analysis

While the Scheduler may be responsible for creating the resource-loaded schedule with assistance from the project team, the entire team should review the resource layouts and reports to ensure the schedule meets resource, schedule, and contractual requirements. The team should look at under and over allocation of resources as well as stacking of resources. The team should also look at the resource plan using early dates versus using late dates.

The Resource Usage Profile (within the Activities window) provides a graphical representation using histograms and curves to display resource assignments.

The Resource Usage Spreadsheet provides a spreadsheet of specified data with selected resource data fields.


Here is some background information on Charlie:

Charlie Jackson
VP Primavera Sales, Hill International

Mr. Jackson specializes in project management and those applications required for successful implementation of project/program strategies with a focus on project controls applications, including industry standard programs. Within the construction industry he has had hands-on knowledge of both project schedule development and maintenance working with Owners and Contractors to communicate project performance. Based on his experience and project management best practices he has developed custom training courses and sessions to promote successful project planning and execution. Over the past few years he has presented several papers at national and international conferences related to project management, specifically scheduling the project, including the article, ‘Lessons Learned – Schedule Development Using Primavera P6™’, published in the July 2011 edition of Cost Engineering journal.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 16th, 2013
5:30pm – 6:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)
WHERE: Online webinar
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DINNER: N/A Webinar
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