P6 User Group May 13th Meeting

Subjects: Creating Half-step Schedules using P6’s Update Baseline Utility
Presenters: Hannah Schumacher, PSP – FDI Planning Consultants
Ron Winter, PSP – Schedule Analyzer Software


Recording of webinar:

Have you ever faced the challenge of reviewing a monthly schedule update that includes both progress updates and non-progress revisions? To effectively evaluate potential schedule impacts, a schedule reviewer needs to separate the progress updates from the non-progress revisions. Primavera P6™ software contains several features that can assist in the review and analysis of project schedules; it allows the Scheduler to save copies of project schedules as “Baselines”. These Baseline schedules can also be updated using the “Update Baseline” utility. In this presentation, the authors’ explore the Update Baseline feature, the myriad of options available, and how it can be used to review and analyze project schedules.

What is a Half-Step Schedule?

“Bifurcation” (a.k.a. half-stepping or two-stepping) is a procedure to segregate progress reporting from various non-progress revisions inherent in the updating process. Elements that are considered to be non-progress revisions include:
Addition or deletion of activities

  • Split or combined activities, using new activity IDs
  • Addition or deletion of logic links
  • Changes to lag value of logic links
  • Addition, deletion or changes to constraints
  • Changes to Original Durations (OD)
  • Increase in Remaining Durations (RD) such that RD becomes greater than OD
  • Changes to RD not accompanied by changes to Percent Complete
  • Increase in RD of activities that have not started
  • Changes to calendar assignments
  • Changes to holiday assignments within a pre-existing calendar” [1]

Half-Step schedules are used in schedule change analysis.  The procedure is codified in the AACE Recommended Practice Number 29R-03, “Forensic Schedule Analysis” in Method Implementation Protocol (MIP) 3.4, “Observational / Dynamic / Contemporaneous Split”.

“How do I use P6 to create a Half-Step Schedule?”

The answer to this simple question is use the Update Baseline Function. Using the P6 Update Baseline function can create Half-Step Schedules, if one knows how.  In this presentation we will provide an overview of the Maintain and Update Baseline Functions, a detailed explanation of each user setting, and then a detailed explanation on how one can use the Update Baseline utility to create Half-Step Schedules.

The Update Button will lead you to the Update Baseline dialog box.  Use the Update Baseline dialog box shown below to update project and activity-level data types for the baseline you selected in the Maintain Baselines dialog box.

This presentation will explain every feature and control of the Update Baseline module, to include the Update Options feature as show in the next example.

Finally, the presentation addresses that actual implementation of the Update Baselines module to create a progress-only Half-Step Schedule.  It lists the steps from RP 29R-03 as well as actual examples of the process itself.


Use of the P6 Maintain Baseline Utility allows the Scheduler to save copies of project schedules as “Baselines”.    Once progress has been applied to the schedule and an appropriate Baseline Schedule from the past is available, one can update an existing Baseline Schedule.    Proper use of the Update Baseline Utility to create a Half-Step schedule, allows the Scheduler the ability to effectively and efficiently evaluate the impact of progress versus non-progress revisions between schedule updates.

Here is some background information on Hannah and Ron:

Hannah Schumacher
Director – Scheduling Services, FDI Planning Consultants

Ms. Schumacher has over 20+ years of experience in the construction industry with primary focus on planning, scheduling and project controls.  Her project experience includes commercial, residential, multi-family, retail, hospital, medical, hospitality, education, casino, infrastructure, and industrial projects for both private and public owners.  Over the past few years she has presented several papers at national and international conferences related to project management, specifically scheduling the project, including the article, ‘Lessons Learned – Schedule Development Using Primavera P6™’, published in the July 2011 edition of Cost Engineering journal.  Hannah is an active member of AACE International and is currently serving as the PSP Chair for the Certification Board, Secretary for the Planning & Scheduling Committee, Officer for the Women in Project Controls Committee, and Director for the Arizona Section.

Ron Winters
President, Schedule Analyzer Software

For the past 20 years, Ron has been a Contract Scheduler as well as the developer of the Schedule Analyzer software series.  He has a BS in Engineering from UCLA and a MS in Systems Management from USC.  Another 8 years as a Navigator in the US Air Force, several years as programmer for a long distance phone company, and more as a Customer Service Representative and Industrial Trainer at a small computer company proves that Ron really cannot keep a job for very long.  Ron has been a member of AACE International for 11 years and is the current Co-Chair of the Planning & Scheduling Committee.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 13th, 2014
5:30pm – 6:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)
WHERE: Online webinar
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DINNER: N/A Webinar
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Co-Chairperson(s): Randy Rapin, Ph: (513) 271-9026, ext 104;
Paul Reeser, Ph: (513) 287-2128



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