P6 User Group November 12th Meeting

Subjects: P6R8.2 Using BI Publisher 11g
Presenters: Paul G. Ciszewski, PMP – President of Dynamic Consulting

Recording of webinar:

P6 EPPM R8.x was released with a new reporting database and a new report development tool called Oracle BI Publisher. BI Publisher allows users to create pixel-perfect reports for P6.

This presentation will be a step-by-step process (using slides) for creating an S-Curve report using BIP 11g – including data models. The end result will be an S-Curve report that plots planned hours, baseline hours, and earned value hours for the project’s duration. Then, the data model will be expanded so that only hours for a specific activity code/value (such as Phase or Contractor) will be plotted. Both S-Curve reports can then be run from P6.

To view the recording webinar, click on the link:

This presentation will include an explanation of the new P6 extended tables (the reporting database), examples of the SQL for BIP’s data model that is needed to extract the data from P6, and examples of using BIP’s Report Layout Editor to build the S-Curve chart.


  1. Introduction to the new P6 Extended Table Structures (the reporting database)
  2. Introduction to BI Publisher’s Data Model and the SQL to extract data for S-Curve
  3. Introduction to BI Publisher’s Report Layout Editor and Adding Charts for S-Curve


Here is some background information on Paul:

Paul G. Ciszweski, PMP
President – Dynamic Consulting

Paul has a BS in Computer Science from Rowan University in New Jersey. Paul is the president of Dynamic Consulting which is a software development firm that develops P6-related software solutions (such as XENA Utilities and P6 Integration systems) as well as non-P6-related solutions such as automation and process control custom software for a variety of industries.

Dynamic Consulting has been developing BI Publisher reports for over 2 years and Dynamic also provides BI Publisher training specifically designed for P6 and Primavera Contract Management. Visit to learn more about Dynamic.

Paul has been on the board of PMI of Northeast Wisconsin since 2010. He has the title of VP of Programs and oversees all events such as monthly meetings, PMP Prep classes, and PDD.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 12th, 2013
5:30pm – 6:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)
WHERE: Online webinar
Log-in details for webconferencing will be sent at a later date to only those who complete the online registration
DINNER: N/A Webinar
Free webconference
Co-Chairperson(s): Randy Rapin, Ph: (513) 271-9026, ext 104;



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