P6 User Group September 9th Meeting

Subjects: Why Should I Upgrade to the Latest Version of P6 R8?
Presenters: Marc Bobby, Critical Business Analysis

Recording of webinar:

If you’ve ever considered upgrading to the latest version of P6 R8, then you don’t want to miss this webinar. CBA understands that it can be difficult to fully comprehend what you’re getting into when you decide to upgrade. While, generally, there is business value in upgrading to the latest version, sometimes you don’t even know where to begin or if you’re in a position to realize that value. We’ve put together a webinar that will help address some of the key things to consider when you are thinking of upgrading. Get answers to questions like the following:

  • Why should I upgrade, my version is working fine?
  • Will I need to buy new software?
  • How much time will planning and the actual upgrade take?
  • Will an upgrade affect our current integrations?
  • Will we need to train everyone again?

You’ll get answers to these questions plus more and, at least, come away with a better idea of what your options are for upgrading.

Here is some background information on Marc Bobby:

Marc Bobby – Senior Consultant & Instructor at Critical Business Analysis

Marc has twenty-five years’ experience in project controls, manufacturing management, production control, and business administration. Mr. Bobby is an Oracle Primavera P6 product expert and often performs assessments for clients to determine the appropriate solution and implementation strategy best suited for their requirements. Marc is a hands-on consultant who has led many implementation teams. Marc also specializes in executing the plan entirely for smaller organization specifically in the construction industry. Marc is also well respected as a certified instructor for Primavera products including P6 and Contract Management.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
5:30pm – 6:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)
WHERE: Online webinar
Log-in details for webconferencing will be sent at a later date to only those who complete the online registration
DINNER: N/A Webinar
Free webconference
Co-Chairperson(s): Randy Rapin, Ph: (513) 271-9026, ext 104;
Paul Reeser, Ph: (513) 287-2128,



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