Formed in 1995, Construction Process Solutions, Ltd is a collection of qualified professionals providing solutions to our clients’ needs in the construction process. The knowledge, skills, and experiences gained in traditional settings are applied by CPS in non-traditional fashions. When applying these abilities, we gain a firm understanding of our clients’ objectives and tailor an approach and program to achieve those results. Unlike many service providers in the capital improvements industry, CPS readily “unbundles” our services. We work jointly and in concert with our clients. In this way, our clients receive the services they want and need. However, CPS also provides full service construction management when our clients’ projects require.

CPS and its personnel have been directly involved in the construction of many different projects totaling over a billion dollars. Project experiences include universities, schools, convention centers, libraries, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, penal facilities, multi-unit housing, and infrastructure, including dams and water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our claims experience is similarly diversified, with the management of claims of over three billion dollars, with the claims ranging from $50,000 to $100,000,000. Our services have been utilized from Alaska to the Cayman Islands, and from Santa Monica to Long Island.

When it comes to the construction dispute resolution process, CPS combines our knowledge of the technical and business aspects of the construction industry with our experiences in the schedule, cost, and legal aspects of analyzing and resolving complex disputes. Using our personnel’s backgrounds in legal, accounting, architecture, engineering, contracting, and construction management fields, CPS provides objective analysis of disputes and issues to our clients and, if required, supports our clients through the dispute resolution process. This support includes report preparation, demonstrative evidence and graphic production, as well as expert witness testimony on a variety of issues, including complex cost and scheduling matters.

CPS has the experience and competencies to make sure our clients’ objectives and expectations are met by providing construction process solutions. We understand the TOTAL construction process, and provide the services our clients need – the right level at the right time.